In this entry, we will demonstrate how to add a MySQL database to SQLEDT. We will use the popular Sample Sakila database avaliable here.

You can also watch a video tutorial here.



1) First thing we need to do is install the MySQL ODBC connecter avaliable here .

2) Start->Run-> odbcad32-> Add->MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver.

3) Once you finish, You should see a screen like this


Here, we add the Data Source, location and other information required. Please remember the Data Source name as we will use the exact same string while adding this database to SQLEDT. It is important to remember to check the "Allow multiple statements" option in the details tab.

Once you finish , you should see a scree like this.

5) Now, we are ready to add this database to SQLEDT.

Open SQLEDT -> Set Provider to MySQL (ODBC) -> DSN=sakila -> Enter User/Pass->Test Connection.

NOTICE the DSN name is the same we used in step 3.

6) Once the conncetion test is sucessfull, click ok. You should now see the option to select the right schema if you have more than one. Please select the sakila schema. It should look something like this.

7) VOILA , Once you click ok , you are done.

If you have ANY trouble with this process, please drop us a email at info@sqledt.com and we will be more than happy to assist.